Our dresses are very versatile. They can be used for all kinds of occasions; from a brunch or to go to work, to an elegant event in the evening. It all depends on how you want to accompany it. Check our IG we have some videos that can give you many ideas.

Our dresses are made from different fabrics, within the description of each one is its type of material.

Kleid works on collections, what we sell is what you find available in the photos on the website. We do not make oversized dresses.

The length of our dresses are adjusted according to the size chart.

You can check the size chart in which it tells you what size you are according to your measurements.

Most of our dresses are made to be used in both hot and cold weather, combining it with a jean jacket, blazer, etc.

We release 2 collections a year (spring-summer and autumn-winter), each collection is divided into 2 capsules that go on sale in March, June, September and December.

Each collection has 24 references. In each capsule we take 12 references.


We invite you to observe our return policies.